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BLANK COMIC STATUES Latest Update: May 18 2002
 Comic Statues Collectors Database

Created by Wolfgang Schloegl ( E-Mail )

Welcome to the Comic and Movie Statues Collectors Database! In the database you can find more than 1030 fine collectors statues and busts of comic and movie heros. You will not find any kits here or vehicles, only originally painted or prepainted characters: statues, busts, figurines, bookends, or whatever.

Collectible comic figurines are produced since there are comics. But in the 90s these became quite popular. DC Comics started in 1991 with limited cold cast porcelain statues of their most popular comic characters. Other comic companies followed. Now new statues are released every month. To get an idea what's out there I created this database. You will find also many European statues, which you might have never heard of before, but that's the purpose of this gallery! If there is anything you would like to add or correct, please e-mail me.

Watch out for the sign or click here to see the newest entries.

In the database you can find information about statues, their sculptors and designers, the companies or materials. Just type in what you're looking for! Try for example Randy Bowen, Sandman, Mini Statue or Marvel Mini-Bust.

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This is not a sales list! These are just images and information. If you want to buy or sell go to the Comic Statues Classifieds - Kleinanzeigen.

Related Links in Alphabetic Order:

Alternative Studios , an alternative statues producer.
Attakus , the French company that produces many Marvel statues.
Bowen Designs , the pages of the famous Randy Bowen.
D-Boy , former Polydata, has some modern comic characters.
Electric Tiki , they make a lot of cartoon statues.
Fewture Models , they make modell-kits and pre-painted statues.
Graphitti Designs , they produced among others the early DC statues.
Hard Hero Enterprises , they make some heroic characters.
Kitman Converts , a modeler's page.
Moore Creations , the pages of the famous Clayburn Moore.
Palisades Marketing , they have the video game statues and more.
Ron Lee's World of Clowns , they make the pewter statues with onyx base.
Shiflett Brothers , Fantasy Sculpting for Moore Creations, Verotik, and others.
Varner Studios , the company of Steve Varner makes Buffy and Lara Croft statues


Creative License, they are not longer in the statues business as it seems.
Eternal Toys and Chaos Comics no longer exist.
Inteleg Interational, no longer exists.
Legends in 3 Dimensions, the makers of many busts no longer exists.
Plančte Fan's web-page is not longer online.

Disclaimer: This page is not affiliated and/or endorsed by any comic company or any statues producer. Characters and designs are registered trademarks and/or copyrights of the according companies or their respective trademark and copyright holders. All original content, both graphical and textual, is the intellectual property of the stated copyright holders. This page is for entertainment and information purposes only.